I'm Doing This

I have attempted to lose weight MANY times and in MANY different ways: Whole30, Weight Watchers, 21 Day Fix, and even working with a trainer. 

The issue isn't the method, it's me.  I lack self-discipline and often feel discouraged by the amount of weight I have to lose (100lbs).  I'm through with that though.  I am more than ready to get serious about getting healthier and more active, whether I lose weight or not.

I have come to realize that most of my problem is not having a plan.  I may meal plan, but I don't plan for bad days, migraine days, BUSY days, nor the days when I'm not motivated AT ALL. So, I thought it would be a good idea to write down a plan and share it with all of you!

My nutrition plan:
1.  Now:  21 Day Fix
2.  January:  Start Autoimmune Protocol (AIP)
3.  Mid-February:  Start AIP reintroductions in mid-February (6 week mark) to prepare for a trip to Spain (woo hoo!)
4.  Drink 8 8oz. glasses of water a day and ONE cup of coffee
5.  Shop and meal prep on Saturdays

My fitness plan:
1.  21 DF daily and walk for 30 minutes everyday in November (no days off),
     45 minutes daily in December (Sundays off),
     1 hour in January,
     45 minute walk/jog in February,
     1 hour walk/jog in March (Sundays and Wednesdays off)
3.  Planks daily!

My motivation plan:
1.  Enlist friends and family to hold me accountable
2.  Post to blog and/or Instagram daily (@getfitlittleindian)
2.  Remember that this is for ETHAN and my future
3.  Plan every bite that goes into my mouth (it's about nutrition!)
4.  Remember that Christ is to fulfill me, comfort me, and bring me joy - not food

My bad and busy day plan:
1.  Always have ingredients on hand for easy meals
2.  Teach Ethan to use the Instant Pot
3.  Meal Prep!
4.  Bring snacks and water everywhere
5.  Only walk, no 21DF workout, planks, or weights

My why to weight loss:
1.  To be healthier: cut down migraines, get rid of brain fog and avoid diabetes
2.  For my Family: E needs a mom who can run and play, and who models healthy habits
3.  So I can wear clothes I actually like
4.  I want to be STRONG
5.  So I can be more comfortable when traveling
6.  So I can live and not be so self-conscious
7.  To glorify God by taking care of the body He gave me

I am planning to use this page as a way to remind myself of my goals and keep myself motivated.

My hubby and I are discussing our plan tonight (my whole family is on board!!) and will talk it over with our kiddo this weekend! 

What has been the #1 thing to help you stay motivated?

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